• Greetings, I am Brenna Hyvonen, K-5 General Music and 6-8 choir instructor. I hope the students of Red Lodge are as excited about the coming year of music as I am! I will post updates about all our events and projects that we have going on here at MV/Roosevelt, and you will very likely see us out in the community at some point singing, dancing, or playing instruments! THIS IS HOW WE FEEL ABOUT MUSIC IN RED LODGE!

    Though I didn't mention it to the people around me, I've been eagerly anticipating the Christmas season since before Halloween!  We are working hard on our holiday songs and dances for all of our upcoming performances. The theme for the elementary concert will be "The Spirit of Christmas," as we are focusing on spending time with friends and family, giving thanks and love, doing good deeds and promoting peace. Here are some of our upcoming performances. 
    Grades 1-5 Concert (includes 5th grade band) - December 10th at the Civic Center.
    Morning show: 9:30 AM
    Afternoon Show: 1:30 PM
    6-12 band/choir Holiday Extravaganza- December 15th at the high school gym at 6:30 PM 
     Glee Club performing at the Pollard Hotel- December 19th around 7:30 PM. 
    The 2015/2016 school year is in full swing!  From kindergarten all the way to 7/8 grade choir, our music classes have been filled with joyful sounds, inspiration and excitement.  Some things worth noting: 

    Glee Club! (for middle school and high school) 

    In Glee Club we sing the songs we want to sing, perform around town and do fun things together.  

    Our first Glee Club meeting will be this coming Monday, Sept. 14th, at 5:30 PM in the high school band room. If you will be a little bit late because of your sports practice, that’s OK, show up anyways. Just let Ms. Hyvonen know you will be late.

     Parents, if you have any questions, call me anytime at 406 214 2310. We are struggling to find the time of day that will work best for the most amount of people. If you have something you want me to know about your child’s schedule, please let me know. 


    BEGINNING GUITAR CLUB will be continuing at the Boys and Girls Club on Thursdays at 4:00. If you have questions, please call Travis Burdick at (559) 676-2497. 

    There will be an ADVANCED GUITAR CLUB that we will be combining with the high school. It will probably be on Wednesdays after school, but this is TBD until we see what everyone’s schedules are like. If you are an advanced player and wish to be in this club, talk to Ms. Hyvonen. 


    WE GOT A GRANT FOR 15 NEW GUITARS TO KEEP IN MS. HYVONEN'S MUSIC ROOM! We are infinitely grateful for the generosity and good hearted people in this town. This spring we lost a kind and humble soul, Richard Bullock. He was a life long music lover, which begun the day he was given a clarinet in his 5th grade band class. He wanted students in Red Lodge to have that same opportunity of discovering the joy of music. Thank you to Richard's wife, Jean Anne Bullock, for helping us purchase these instruments. 



     Upcoming performances:

    K-5 "Songs in the Key of Sunshine" Elementary Music and 5th grade band

    is being held at the Civic Center on May 8th.
    Shows will be at 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM.
    Please have your child wear his/her nicest spring outfit.
    This means no blue jeans, casual shorts, or t-shirts with logos!

    6-12 Band and Choir Spring Concert 

    at the high school gym on May 19th. 
    Times TBA! 
    I am Brenna Hyvonen, and I teach elementary general music and 6/8 choirs. 
    The '14/'15 school year has been nothing short of awesome so far. We have SO MUCH going on, from concerts to guest artists to singing at football games. Please email me any time with questions or comments at brenna_hyvonen@redlodge.k12.mt.us. Or, drop in our music room ANY TIME you get a chance. I often think "Gee, I wish some adults could experience some of the joy my kids are creating in this music room!" 
    Some of my dancers this summer gearing up for the Festival of Nations 

    Upcoming events:  

    October 28th: Fall Concert (5/12 band/choir)

    November 11th: Veterans Day Performance (in the AM)  (6/8 band/choir)

    December 5th: Elementary Holiday concert (1st/5th elementary)  

    December 16th:  Holiday Concert  (5/12 band/choir)

    ALSO: I'm sure you've seen posters for this event hanging around town. Please buy your ticket, be entertained, and support our choir kids! 

    SPRING 2013:  

    *Concert dress for middle school choir students:

    Guys: Slacks and a dress shirt (NO JEANS UNLESS THEY ARE BLACK!) Black or dark colored slacks are encouraged, however I do not want you to have to drive to Billings to buy them. If you don't have black, khakis will work. 

    Girls: Your nicest holiday dress, skirt or dress pants are fine. Follow the school dress code.  


    Elementary Concert K-5:

    December 12th at 9 AM and 1:30 PM

    in the Civic Center


    5-12 Band/Choir Concert:

    CORRECTION!!!: December 17th at 6:00 PM

    in the high school gym




    Hi parents and community members,

    A couple things we've been up to...

    -The 6th grade and 7/8 grade choirs will be performing around town in the next few weeks! Because we aren't doing a fall concert, we thought this would be a great performance opportunity.

     Veterans Day- Nov. 11

    Holiday concerts- TBA!


    -The 7/8 choir is CRAZY about a cappella, and we have a lunch time group that comes in and sings on Monday and Fridays. Ask your son or daughter if they are joining :)

    ***And the most important order of business....***

    I am in desperate need of someone with

        1) the ability to sightread scores &

        2) the ability/desire to lead sectionals with middle school students.

    Because the groups are enormous, it would be SO helpful to be able to split them up into guys and girls on Tuesday and Thursday. If you or anyone you know would be available to do this on Tuesday/Thursday from about 11:00 until 1:00, please let me know ASAP! The school will compensate.

    Thank you for your time and the incredible support you offer to the Red Lodge music program!

    Brenna Mae Hyvonen



     Happy 2013/2014 school year! It's a good year for music, if you ask us. If you want to see what we're already up to in the music room, swing in and sing/dance/play with us! It is sure to brighten your day.


    We are SO lucky to live in this beautiful place!

    We are counting down the days til the Elementary Spring Concert. We're calling it...

    Rock like a Folk Star!!!

    Shows are at 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM in the Civic Center. 

    Folk stars should wear their nicest spring outfits. That is all! 


    Elementary music update:

    We are currently exploring (singing, saying, dancing, playing) folk music from the USA and the rest of the world. We are excited to share some of it with you at the Spring Concert on May 10th!

     There will be a performance scheduled (probably in March, after basketball season is over) to honor these musicians for their outstanding work.



    Showalter is taking place Saturday, February 9th. Parents are encouraged to come listen! I ask that students ride the bus. 

    Happy 2013! Let's make it a year to remember. We have a lot in store this spring, including Show Alter music festival. I will have more details soon, but know that it is an all day event for 6-8 band and choir in Wyoming on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th. 

    Showalter festival was a HUGE success.  
    6th, 7th and 8th grade choir students made Red Lodge proud last Saturday.
    Here are the results...
    Heidi Hicks- Superior (1)
    Adrianna Pellegato and Abbie Nordstrom- Superior (1)
    Hannah Sandy- Superior (1)
    Abby Nordstrom-Superior (1)
    Renee Cook- Superior (1)
    Gracie Andrews- Superior (1)

    Duet: Rosie Boles and Bailey Brockman - Excellent (2)
    Duet: Saige Okken and Ariel Wooten- Excellent (2)
    Octet: Sixth Grade Women's Octet- Superior (1)
    Rosie Boles- Superior (1)
    Paige Johnson- Superior (1)
    Katie Jacobsen- Superior (1)
    Mia Graven- Superior (1)
    Coy Wickens- Superior (1)

    Also worth noting...Rosie Boles won "Best Of" and got to perform at the grand finale.

    Update! (February 13th, 2013)


    Help people with music!

    I sometimes ask the kids "why do we perform music?"  

     We talk about how music not only enriches their own lives, but also the lives of everyone who gets to hear them. It is so important that we share music whenever possible... you just never know what a difference it may make for the person or people listening. We had some INCREDIBLE holiday performances, and we hope that it touched you in some way. We also had several caroling adventures around the school and around town in hopes of spreading the joy!
     Help people with music!
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