This week the students will be tested on lesson 2 in lamguage arts and in math. I will gradually move into reading lesson 3; Henry and Mudge. I will spend more time on science. On Friday, we will honor an American legend Johnny Appleseed.


    Students will review all short vowel sounds.

    Sept. 21-25 Phonics: Short vowels a, e, i, o, u
    Spelling:math, plant, laast, seven, spell, when, six, wind, trip, clock, lot, lost, just, rush, trust

    Fluency: Reading for accuracy.

    Writing: Paragraph-main idea sentence and detail sentences.  Five Star Sentences

    Grammar: Identify statements and questions and the naming and telling parts of a sentence. Correcting fragments in sentences.
    Adding s or es to make words plural.
    Math:  Chapter 1 Number Sense and Place Value test on Mon and Tues., Sept 21 & 22.
    Math: Chapter 2 Numbers to 1,000-Show a number in different ways; digit, place value, model, word form, and expanded number sentence.
    Science: Design Process

    Lesson plans are subject to change.  Some activities and concepts may take longer to comprehend.