• Dear Families,

    We are continuing to adjust to our new classroom with a focus on learning my procedures.  The children are adjusting quickly. We have started the math and language arts programs.  Your child will be coming home with homework about three nights a week.  Please check their work when they are done and give them a star or write a  comment about how proud you are of their work. Please be reading with your child DAILY! If your child had a difficult time with a concept you can provide them with extra one on one help and let me know as well. Together we can make homework beneficial. Next week  a spelling list will come home.  Remember to look over your child's work to see that it is complete then have them put it in their homework folder then into their backpack.
    The math program is called GO MATH. It is aligned with Common Core State Standards!
    MATH: Chapter 1 titled Number Concepts Topics are odd/even, place value, expanded form, different ways to write a number, counting patterns within 100 and1,000.
    We will also be reviewing addition strategies.
    I sent a letter about IXL. Please have your child work on Counting & Number Patterns and. Addition-one digit.

    Language Arts: naming and telling parts of a sentence
    Reading: Arthur's Reading Race by Marc Brown
    Phonics: short vowels a and i

    Spelling: flag, fin, ran, has, fill, sat, list, sit, bag win
    CHALLENGE WORDS: napkin, fabric, picnic, plastic, rabbit

    Writing Traits: Ideas  Writing a complete sentence with a subject and predicate.

    Step Up To Writing: Learn the basic three parts to a sentence.1. I-Identyify the topic, or tell who or what the sentence is about like: The dog... 2. V-Verb 3. F-Finish your thought. the dog ran to his owner. 
    Grammar:  Five Star Sentences which are complete sentences!

    1. Capital at the beginning

    2. Spaces between words.

    3. Spelling

    4.Sense: Read it over to see if it makes sense.

    5. Punctuation

    Social Science: Neighbors and Jobs in Our Community.  Unit 1

    * I alternate science and social science units. There is a heavy focus on Social Studies the first semester and then a heavy focus on Science the second semester.

    If you have question and concerns, please feel welcome to chat with me.


    Marge Nearpass
    Lesson Plans are subject to change.