Listed below are the basic objectives for this week and next week.


    READING "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type" by Doreen Cronin, fiction

    PAIRED READING "Rock-a-Bye Cows" by Sam Curtis from Boys' Life a magazine article

    Leveled Readers: Apples For Sheep and Goat, The Country Show, Rooster's Sore Throat

    SPELLING Long o written ow and oa; boat, blow, coat, grow, float, glow, road, soak, bowl, brown, snowflake,

    window, yellow, grown, own

    HIGH-FREQUENCY WORDS believe, brought, early, enough, impossible, quite, understand

    COMPREHENSION Plot and using story structure

    FLUENCY Expression

    GRAMMAR Proper Nouns-day, months, title, city, state, streets

    ROBUST VOCABULARY brisk, strutted, gobbled, paced, request, negotiate, compromise,

    WRITING Form: Letter of Invitation or request. Trait: Sentence Fluency

    Writing resolutions.

    MATH   Chapter 4 Two Digit Addition with Regrouping

    IXL For December
          MATH Section G-two digits 1-16
          SCIENCE: Section B-States of Matter 1-5
                         Section N-Weather 1-2
                         Section O-Earth's Features 1
          SOCIAL STUDIES:American symbols
    FARM TO SCHOOL- Carrots
    KINDNESS Theme: Kindnes is falling like snowflakes!

    SCIENCE  Exploring Water

    ART: Jack or Jackie Frost

    SOCIAL STUDIES Review holiday traditions.