• Lesson plans are constantly changing this week due to doing lots of fun activities!
    READING   We will  be reading some favorite Christmas stories and doing a variety of activities to go along with the stories.   Some things will be whole class like Venn Diagrams and role playing while other stories have worksheets.
    SPELLING  long a- written "ai and ay" Test on Friday
    GRAMMAR  Reviewing many concepts that are on fun holiday worksheets.
    MATH  Continue chapter 4- two-digit addition.  Lots of time is spent building numbers with base ten blocks.  We will also work on logic and problem solving.

    ARTS AND CRAFTS  Well it is the holidays and we are busy little elves getting gifts ready for our loved ones and we need to decorate the room.  Lots of good listening skills, creativity and problem solving are required.
    MONDAY is the day we will have loads of fun with the great story and movie Polar Express.  Children may wear their pajamas, bring cuddly stuffed animals and blankets to school. 
    WEDNESDAY, Dec. 19, at 8:15 we will build the cracker houses. Parents are welcome to come to school to help. Children need to bring candy for decorations. Class Party is that afternoon at 12:00.The class party will be decorating the graham cracker houses.
    *Please try to pick up your child because they will have their cracker house to carry home.

    THURSDAY We'll clean up the room and prepare for 2018, then play board games.

    Have a wonderful holiday vacation.  Always feel welcome to call or stop by to chat.

    SCHOOL RESUMES ON Jan. 2, 2019