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    Commencement Honors

    The Commencement Honors Committee will be made up of one representative from each core subject. While recognizing that all RLHS courses are academically challenging, the following courses are considered by staff, students and the Honor’s Committee to be especially challenging:
    AP Language AP Biology
    AP Literature Anatomy
    College Spanish Physics
    Calculus/Advanced Calculus Chemistry
    College Statistics EMT Certification
    Departmental Distinction Award
    *Online College Courses not offered at RLHS

    *College must be approved by Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities or one of its equivalent accreditation associations.

    Determination of an honors level course is indicated by the amount of “academic challenge” the course requires. Approximately 1/3 additional work is required above a typical RLHS course expectation. The instructor of each academically challenging course will be required to submit a course syllabus, curriculum, assessment information and the alignment with state standards and any project, research, or community service work that may be a part of the course.

    A. Starting with the 2008-09 academic year a student must successfully complete six (6) of the official academically challenging courses, with one course selected from the RLHS campus in language arts, mathematics and science. The three remaining additional credits are the student’s choice from the official course listing.

    B. To be considered for the commencement honors distinction, a student must maintain at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

    C. Should a tie exist between Valedictorian and Salutatorian, ACT score standings will determine the top honors.

    It is the student’s responsibility at the beginning of his/her high school career to work with the guidance counselor and his/her parents, to plan course work, to meet District and State graduation requirements, as well as to work towards Commencement Honors designation if so desired.

    Determination for commencement honors will be made at the completion of the 7th semester.

    A Commencement Honors Graduate would be awarded a special designation (yoke) to wear along with the commencement robe and receive recognition during the graduation ceremony, as well as an invitation to a Commencement Honors Banquet hosted by the Red Lodge Board of Trustees.