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    Did you know . . .
    A combine can harvest enough wheat in 9 seconds
    to make 70 loaves of bread.

    Wheat farmers make about 4 cents
     from each loaf of bread sold.

    One acre of wheat can produce enough flour to furnish
     a family of four with bread for nearly ten years.

    The U.S uses over 3 million bushels
    of wheat each day.

    The first wheat grown in Montana was in
    St. Mary's Mission in the Bitterroot Valley in 1841.

    One bushel of Wheat contains approximately
     one million individual kernels.

    The vast majority of Montana's exported winter
    wheat is for oriental noodles not bread.

    One out of every three bushels of Montana's grain goes to Japan.

    Canada is Montana's key wheat competitor not Australia.

    Based on a 20 year Montana all-wheat production average of 137,263,000 bushels, every man, woman, and child in Montana would have to consume at least 12,525 loaves of white bread a day for a whole year in order to use up the Montana Production.