• Lexile Range Helps Find Appropriate Reading Material for Your Child

    All K-5 students at Mountain View Elementary are assessed with the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tool in the fall, winter, and spring.  This provides our staff with a lot of insight in regard to our students' needs in reading, math, and language arts.  Another benefit of the MAP assesment tool is that it assigns each student with a Lexile Range score.  This Lexile Range can be found in reading section on the NWEA Student Progess Report, which is sent home after each of the three benchmark testing periods.  On the fall reports, you will see this score highlighted in yellow.  To use this information, go to this link:  http://www.lexile.com/findabook/

    Once you get to this web site type in the lexile range from the Student Progress Report where it says "My Lexile range is..."  Please be aware that the top 50 points of this range is intended for guided reading, not independent reading.  For example, a range of 600 to 750 actually means the student can read at a good, independent comprehending range from 600 to 700.  Reading materials for this example in range 700 to 750 would be for guided reading. 

    Many of our younger readers have a lexile range of BR (Beginning Reader).  In this case just type in a range of 0 to 75 and you will be able to pull up lower level books based on your child's interests.

    Once the range is entered you will see that your child's interests (28+ categories) can be chosen and this tool will find the ideal books that match ability as well as interests.  In some cases you can go to a store or library and just ask for books in your child's lexile range.