• Lesson plans are subject to change during these weeks because some concepts may take more or less time for students to comprehend.
    Lesson 13 We are going to move quickly through this story  because the point in this story is weak.
    The solution doesn't hold the character responsible for failing to follow directions. There will be plenty of supplemental reading.
    READING Big Bushy Mustache
    FOCUS Author's Purpose-fiction to entertain
    PHONICS soft c and g when followed by e, i, or y and three letter "j" written dge
    SPELLING LIST slice, city, nice, space, price, gem, cage, huge, dodge, fudge, circle, fireplace, gentle, Red Lodge, celebrate
    PHONICS ck at the end of a word to keep the vowel short with suffixes
    slicker, socks, kicking, sack, brick, snacks, clock, quickest, neck, blocked, duckling, buckle, cracker, lucky, sticky
    VOCABULARY above, shoes, tough, wash, wear, woman, young,
    ROBUST VOCABULARY trance, distraught, wilting, swirling, flitted, improvise, expensive
    GRAMMAR plural possessive nouns
    WRITING continue with writing friendly letters and  focus on how to paragraphs.
    MATH Chapter 6 Three Digit Subtraction
    SCIENCE  Matter
    SOCIAL STUDIES Valentine's Day