AP Biology

        Fall Semester

         Course Syllabus

    Important webisite:




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    Instructor: Kate Belinda



    Location: Fossil Room # 209


    Course Prerequisites:

    Biology. Must have passed.


    Equipment Required:

    Scientific Calculator with Trigonometric functions

    Text: Biology  Campbell and Reece 6th Edition (Provided)

    Composition Notebook


    Grading Schedule:

    Quarter grades will be determined as follows:

             15%- Class Participation, journal entries and homework

             35%- Labs and Presentations

             50% will be based on Tests and Weekly quizzes


    Late Work:

    Late homework assignments will not be accepted


    Late lab reports or presentations will decrease by half by each day.  Will not

    be accepted after one week after due date.


    AP Biology is a college level course taught in the high school.  Students and parents should not be suprised by course requirements that are in excess of what you would expect from an hounors-level course. Colleges expect a student to have had an "equivalent' expereince to thier freshman course, including the labratories and to have mastered its content.  It is not unusual for a student to be responsible for several assignments at the same time.  For an example, there will be regular reading assignments, lab reports and witten and online homework assignments.  Success in this course will depend on study skills, reading and writing abilities, motivation and maturity.  There is an expectation that all AP Biology students will take the AP Biology Exam.  The exam is graded on a 1-5 scores with a 3, 4 or 5 counting as a "passing".  If one of your goals is to obtain credit for an introductory college biology course, you should make contact with the colleges you are likely to attend.  Please find out if they accept AP scores for credit (most, but not all colleges do).



    Unit 1- Chemistry of Life

    Unit 2- Cell Structure and Function

    Unit 3- Cellular Energetics

    Unit 4- Cell Communicaiton and Cell Cycle

    Unit 5- Heredity

    Unit 6- Gene Expression and Regulation

    Unit 7- Natural Selection

    Unit 8- Ecology