• EArth

       Earth Science

       Course Syllabus







    Instructor: Kate Belinda


    Location: Fossil Room # 209



    Equipment Required:

    Text:  Earth and Space Science (Provided) eBook

    2 Composition Notebooks

    Strechable Book Cover

    12 Pack of Colored Pencils

    External Hard Drive


    Grading Schedule:


    Your grade is divided into two categories, Daily Work and Other.  The "Daily Work" will include participation and journal points which total 10 points per day and be worth 10% of your final grade. The  "Other" points will be awarded from study guides, worksheets, labs, individual and group projects, quizzes and exams and make up 90% of the final grade.  Rubrics will be distributed for special projects.


    Unit 1- Introduction to Earth and Space

    Unit 2- Systems of Matter and Energy
    Unit 3- Natural Resources
    Unit 4- Earth in the Solar System

    Unit 5- Space

    Unit 6- Plate Tectonics

    Unit 7- Earth's Changing Surface
    Unit 8- Earth's Water
    Unit 9- The Atmosphere
    Unit 10- History of Earth
    Unit 11- Human Activity and Earth