• Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready


    Respect: Yourself, your team, your coach, your school, other teams.  Watch your language (no cursing), watch how you talk about other people.

    Responsible:  Make practice on time, communicate with your coach, practice on your own time, make good choices when we’re at Meets

    Ready: Be ready to participate at practice in a positive way, ready to compete at each Meet, ready to support each other

    Speech & Drama Lettering Requirements

    1) Student shall attend all team practices as well as all regular season meets.  ** A student may miss only two team practices unless she/he is participating in another extracurricular sport and practice times overlap.  A student may miss only one regular season meet unless she/he is participating in another RLHS scheduled extracurricular event and has the head coach's prior approval.  

    2) Student shall place in finals in at least two competitions against other B & C Schools and participate in the divisional competition.  When A or AA schools also compete the coach will determine if the student would have placed in finals without these schools. 

    3) Student shall be academically eligible throughout the entire season.

    4) A letter may also be awarded to an athlete if a student's attendance, attitude and performance meet with the head coach's approval.