An athlete may receive their varsity letter by:

     1.  Competing as one of seven varsity team members at the State cross country meet.  The top seven boys and girls are considered the varsity team.  The top seven can and frequently will change from week to week during the season.  The varsity team for the State meet will be the top seven boys and girls who are in GOOD STANDING (plus two alternates for each gender) based on overall performance throughout the season.  The head coach will make final judgment for the State meet varsity team.


    2.      Completing three of the following five criteria:

    a.       By time – run faster than the specified times for a 3 mile course (JV or Varsity)

                                         i.     Girls    =          22:30
    Boys    =         18:30

    b.      Run in five varsity meets.  Serving as an alternate at the State meet will count as one meet.

    c.      Complete three consecutive cross country seasons, participating in practices and meets and positively contribute to the   camaraderie of the team

    d.      Maintain an average high school Grade Point Average (GPA) of a 3.5 or higher

    e.      Sign up for and run in two off season races with a distance of 5k or greater(athlete is responsible for providing proof        of registration and completion)


    3.      The head coach reserves the right to grant or deny a varsity letter in special conditions (injury, personal emergency, etc.)