• I know a lot of you are wondering about how to handle this school closure and the dealings of the frustration of homeschooling with this surprising COVID-19.  Please remember you were your child's first teacher and just do your best.  Here are some guidelines that may help you through this.


    To keep your student on track have them continue to work on basic reading skills:  letter recognition (capital & lower case), letter sounds, sight words, putting sounds together to create words and reading to them everyday, or better yet have them read to you.

    For math skills work on adding numbers up to the sum of 10 (more if they are ready), subtracting, counting objects, counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, &10's.  They can also practice counting by 2's.

    Paper packets will be available for each week that we are out of school starting on April 6th. The first packet will be available for parents to pick up outside the main enterance of Mountain View from 9:00-noon on Monday April 6th.  Do not return finished work packet to school, you may post pictures of finished work to my email, text, or Seesaw. I will be available for questions through email or text or even call 9:00-3:00 Mon-Fri.  At a later date which I really hope doesn't happen, but if school continues to be closed I will have face to face online meeting with your child to see how they are progressing.  I will go over a variety of math and reading topics to access their learning. 

    For now this is how we will continue with the learning process, I know it is going to be difficult some days and challenging to homeschool your child when you may have other kids at home, trying to balance your job or lack of job due to this event. 

    There is also the opportunity to visit the IXL program and now the Seesaw program (this is new to me and the students so let's bear this together).  I haven't required any Seesaw activities at this point, let's see where all of this is going to take us.

    Stay healthy and let's hope we will see each other soon.

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