• Skills for week of September 14 and 21, 2020.
    Plans are subject to change due to daily circumstances.
    I.  Lesson 3: Introduce Spelling List:
    short and long vowel a
    Please refer to your child's planner: Tests will always
    be written in the planner in advance.
    A. list (All lists are on this website on my Spelling Word Lists page and Google Classroom under the topic Spelling.)
    B. word meaning
    C. ABC order
    D. word Study
    D. edit 9/21
    (Test will always be a day or two after this assignment)
    E. Test 1 9/22

    I. Storyworks Magazine: Missing: Comprehension and Vocabulary activities in Google Classroom

    A. Click: I am a student

    Passcode: readcamp04



    All assignments for Storyworks can be accessed through Google Classroom!

    II. Character Traits and Motivations

    A. IXL V1: Character Traits and Emotions


    B. Me Poems

    1. Brainstorm

    2. Rough Draft

    3. Edit

    4. Rewrite

    5. Collage

    These materials will be hard copies distributed in the classroom

    I. Sentences: Complete Sentences, Fragments, or Run-Ons
    A. Introduce ILJ: Interactive Language Journal
    B. IXL: Please sign in using your password to 4th Grade Language Arts
    1. JJ 5,6,7
    Google Classroom
    MATH See Mrs. Purcell’s Plans  
    I. Montana
    A. Super Symbols:Using the websites below, Duckster and Montana Kids, you will put the following on the state of Montana. They should be drawn, colored, and labeled.
    1. State flower
    2. State bird
    3. State tree
    4. State animal
    5.State Flag
    6. State capital
    7. Your town
    B. Google Classroom Montana Project using Map From Above:
    C. 7 Continents and 4 0ceams
    1. IXL Social Studies: G1-3
    See Google Classroom
    Montana Kids
    B. Google Classroom
    1. Resources
    2. Assignment
    Google Classroom
    III. Time For Kids
    SCIENCE See Mrs. Purcell’s Plans