• Skills for week April 19, 2021
    Student Led Conferences: Wednesday, March 28, 1:00 - 7:00
    Spring Break: April 2 - 6, 2018
    Plans are subject to change due to daily circumstances, refer to planners!
    I. Lesson 16 Skill: Singular and Plural Nouns
     A. Spelling List w.b. 80 
    B. ABC Order
    C. Word Meaning w.b. 81 
    D. Word Study w.b. 82 
    E. Edit For Spelling w.b. 83 
    F. Spelling Test
    I. Storyworks Magazine
    A. Hope From The Past
    See Google Classroom for assignments and directions!

    Click Google Classroom below for assignment access.

    Google Classroom 4W
    Lesson 12:  Singular and Plural Nouns
     Language Book pgs. 70-71
    gr. pgs. 41-44
    MATH See Mrs. Schrowe's Plans  
     We will be slightly behind in Social Studies because we just completed SBAC last week!
     Regions of the US 

    The Southwest Region
    A. Chaper 1:  Environment of the Southwest
    1. From Coast to Canyons 50 - 55
    a. questions pg. 55
    b. wb. 17
    c. Foldable
    2. Deserts and Oill pg.56 - 61
    a. True/False assignment
    b. questions pg. 61
    c. w.b. 18
    d. Foldable
    SCIENCE See Mrs. Schrowe's Plans