• Classroom Community Management

    Students and teachers in our classroom think critically and make careful decisions regarding our behaviors. Instead of following a set of shared rules, our choices are guided by shared values.  These values influence the kind of classroom community that enables all of us, students and teachers, to learn at our own pace, be ourselves, know that we are valued, and be safe and have fun. 

    Our classroom values stem from the 3 R's: 

     Respect: for our classmates, for our selves and our school.

    Responsibility: for our choices.

    Ready: for school, to learn, for life.


    Beyond these values, the regular Mountain View School Discipline Policies apply.


    Corrections in the Math and Science classroom:

    Students are allowed and encouraged to complete corrections on any daily math or science homework assignment  (excluding tests) in order to earn a higher grade.  

    During the first part of the year I will often facilitate corrections for students.  However, during 3rd Quarter it will be up to the student to identify these corrections and get them back to me.  The corrections must be on the original assignment, or attached to the original paper and returned to me the Monday after they go home in the Friday folder.  If these conditions are not met, or if I cannot read the corrections, I will not re-grade the assignment.  Last, if the assignment was turned in late, the highest grade a student can receive is 80%.



Last Modified on June 20, 2018