• Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying this time with your families. I just wanted to relay my thinking as far as how we are going to resume our Drivers Ed program. As of today, our schools are closing through the rest of the year. I will be in contact with the state and our administration soon to see when a likely date of class could possibly start. You all will be informed as I find out information so stay tuned!

    At this time there is not a start date for the current spring class (2020), but as I see it for safety reasons, putting these kids on the road...- I am not going to pursue any kind of distant learning for Drivers Ed. I feel as a driver instructor that it is paramount that the student to teacher interaction in a classroom is a MUST for me to see how kids are truly taking on this driving task outside of the car. Also, in order to have class and be fully accredited through the drivers ed program we must be able to drive and complete the in-car lessons. We are not able to get in the car at this time and I am waiting for word from the state level (also, our administration) as far as when we can start classroom and drive training! Unless I’m informed otherwise, this is my approach.
    Also, I am going to push back all sessions in order of the seasons. We will start the “Spring 2020” class as soon as we are cleared to start and then the “Summer 2020” later after that. Regardless of when we can come back, that’s when we’ll likely start. If for some reason students can’t do the class because of our new schedules, we’ll give the following class list (in order) a chance to get in the current class to fill spots and so forth.
    I will be in contact with you all soon!
    Take care!
    Mr. Morales