• There are always a lot of questions from parents on how to get their student(s) into an RLHS TSE session. This is the page to get your student into an RLHS Traffic Safety Education Class!
    PLEASE get your student signed up for a class ASAP. Our class lists fill up early and quickly, even for later class sessions. During the school year, classes will be cut off at 15 students. Classes in the summer will will be cut off at 18 students. Here are the steps to sign your student up for a class...
    1. Call the RLHS or RLMS office to confirm when the soonest (or later) TSE class is starting (Start, meaning on the Parent-Student Orientation Meeting date for the selected class session). Once that is figured out, make sure your student will be at the minimum, 14 1/2 years or older by the time the mandatory Parent-Student Orientation meeting is held for your selected TSE session.
    2. Once you have confirmed on the phone with the office that your student will be in the selected TSE session,  you MUST PAY $250 ASAP to the office (Checks written to Red Lodge High School) to guarantee your student a spot in the selected TSE session.  If you sign up, but do not get your student paid for, you are risking NOT being guaranteed a spot in your selected TSE session. THIS IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!
    3. After the office confirmation and payment, have your student look out for a "Pre-Class Letter" that they will receive from the office or myself when the proper time comes before the Parent-Student Orientation meeting is held. They will need to get you this letter as soon as they receive it! I will also have the PRE-CLASS LETTER posted on the traffic education website ASAP for you to access anytime. I will confirm an official class/drive schedule at the orientation meeting for the selected class session.
    4. You are ready for class. See you at the Parent Orientation Meeting!