• Bienvenue à la classe de français!

    Welcome to French class!

     Billet de TGV, Bourgogne, Pays de la Loire

    I am thrilled to be joining the staff at Red Lodge High School! I hope that all of the students that take French are as excited about language as I am. My journey with French began in 7th grade, taking me to live in France twice, and has yet to end. In fact, my love of languages and cultures broadened so much that I now speak 9 languages. But, let me tell you, learning a new language is never easy. Everyone makes mistakes, says something embarrassing, commits a faux pas or any number of things – no matter their age, circumstance, or previous knowledge. What counts is continuing the journey and moving forward despite those mistakes ; to BE COURAGEOUS. My goals for French class are to develop proficiency, according to Montana Content Standards and ACTFL standards, in communication: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational.

    Alors, allons-y!


    • Contact me anytime at meredith_ward@redlodge.k12.mt.us