Mrs. Tonya Kosorok Henry 

    Hello Mountain View and Roosevelt!
    Welcome to K-8 Guidance/Foreign Language Exploration/RMS Student Council/4-8 Ski Program!

    Name: Mrs. Henry
    Phone number:406-446-2110 ext. 204

       Overwhelmed by school work? Worried about a friend or relative? Stressed because your parents are splitting up? Are your grades dropping? Feel like you do not belong? Are you or someone you know being bullied? Just need someone to talk to? 
       I provide social skills and guidance lessons to the students of Mountain View Elementary and Roosevelt Middle School. I visit every K-5 classroom bi-weekly to address issues such as proper playground behavior to anger management. In the middle school, I meet with each class once a month teaching the Power Up! Speak Out! Curriculum. I provide counseling to help with stress related to school and a student's learning, and I sometimes give recommendations to parents for students to see private therapists, social workers and psychologists, if needed. I also consult with private therapists to provide information about the students' strengths and weaknesses while in school and extra-curricular activities.
        Sometimes it is impossible to sort through your problems by yourself. Your concerns can build up and you may lose sleep, lose concentration on homework, or even become depressed. When you need to talk to someone, I, your school counselor, can be a great place to start.
        I look forward to an excellent school year and I truly enjoy working with this student body. Red Lodge is my hometown and I have a great amount of pride in our school system!
Last Modified on November 23, 2020