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    Bienvenidos a mi clase!

    I hope every student's experience in my classes will be educational, engaging and enjoyable. I hope to create an upbeat learning experience, and I am always looking for some students who feel the same way and are willing to learn, and experiment with the learning process.

    Learning a foreign language is a difficult endeavor.  I believe that the key to learning in any learning situation is respect for the very act of learning, respect for the classroom environment . This respectful environment should take place both on the instructor's and student's side, both towards the instructor and one's classmates. In my classes, disrespect, bullying, hazing, and foul language of any kind will not be tolerated.

    Let's look forward with respect and enthusiasm and make these great and exciting classes!


    Mission Statement:

    It is the goal of the Spanish department is to prepare all Spanish students in the four competency areas.  These are the areas of speaking, reading, writing and cultural awareness.  All students will have the opportunity to practice each of these competencies and sharpen his or her skills for both real life situations and for continuing education.