• Welcome to Roosevelt Reads!

    Roosevelt Reads is a 30 min. period set aside every day for students and staff to read!  Students choose the books they want to read, which allows them to bring books from home or the public library and also to check out books from the Roosevelt Middle School library and the Hobbit's Lair. 
    Each student has been placed in a reading room with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school peers.  Reading rooms include Huck's Landing, Frodo's Shire, Shakespeare's Theatre, Canterbury Inn, Crusoe's Island, Ravenclaw Tower, The Chocolate Factory, and Aslan's Attic.  The Hobbit's Lair is a room set aside for relaxed reading and housing additional reading book choices. 
    Research shows that students who engage in daily reading develop stronger academic skills in all curriculum areas and are more empathetic.  Reading about a chosen subject just one hour a day will make a person an international expert in just seven years. 
    If you have questions or would like more information about Roosevelt Reads, please feel free to contact me at 446-2110.   You may also e-mail me--
Last Modified on September 4, 2019