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    Youth Volunteer Champions



    2019 Volunteer Champions
    (3rd from Left: Youth Volunteer Champions Lilly Fouts, Shane Vomund)
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!
    Future of Montana Volunteer Corps (F.O.M.V.C.)
    The Future of Montana Volunteer Corps will work within the Red Loge Area Commuity Foundation tohelp match local youth interested in volunteering with opportunities to do so.  FOMVC is commited to matching the needs of the volunteer with an organization which requires assistance, and then trackign the services rendered for potential school credit, job opportunity, letters of recommendation and an extensive incentive program.  FOMVC makes connections that offer opportunites for high school students to promote character building, youth leadership, community involvement, and gain experiences through community service activities.  
    Check out our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/FOMVC/ for updates and upcoming volunteer opportunities.
    The program is also affiliated with the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation see this website for more information. http://www.rlacf.org/programs/youth/
    To see the policy: FOM:VC policy
      Contact Melvin Haisler for volunteer opportunities or questions! 
    Melvin Haisler
    Office 406-446-2820
    Cell 254-654-4052