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    "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  - John Knowles 


     English Language Arts Common Core Standards Grades 9-12

    9th Grade 

    10th Grade


    The purpose of English I and II is to foster student literary skills by reading, analyzing, and responding in various ways to essays, drama, short and long fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Grammar, usage, and mechanics are reviewed and reinforced in addition to the introduction of new concepts. Skills in thinking, listening, speaking, and writing will be further developed.  


    To meet the goals and objectives of English I and II, the student shall: 

    1. Maintain a 1-2 inch three-ring binder that contains literature notes, daily language skills, vocabulary, grammar, usage, and reading strategies
    2. Attend class each day prepared with appropriate materials, texts, and assignments for the day’s activities
    3. Participate actively, thoughtfully, and respectfully in class discussions
    4. Compose a minimum of one formal writing sample
    5. Submit all assignments on time
    6. Present individual and group reports to the class, including at least one formal presentation
    7. Complete all tests and quizzes or, if absent, make them up upon return to school


    Plagiarism and cheating are not acceptable, nor allowable in any form and will result in a 0 for your grade.  If you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive an F for the assignment.  Any further instances of plagiarism or cheating will result in an automatic 0 and will be reported to the office. 

    Plagiarism defined:

    Plagiarism is defined as “to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own: to use another’s production without crediting the source” (Merriam-Webster Online).

    You are guilty of plagiarism if you do any of the below 3 things:

    1. Copy word for word from the source without using “ “ and citation
    2. Take more than three words of a sentence or phrase without proper citation
    3. Summarize information from the source without citing it.  

    Class Rules 

    1. Be ready. Upon entering the room, please be seated and prepare for class to begin
    2. Be prepared. It is your responsibility to bring your materials. If you forget them, you will be allowed to go to your locker to retrieve them, but will be marked tardy.
    3. Be respectful. Value your own contributions as well as those of others. During discussions, listen carefully while others are speaking.
    4. Be accountable. YOU are accountable for your learning. If you are unsure of anything in class, please ask for help. When you are absent, please see the website and then me with questions about missed work upon your return.

     I'm Prepared for Class

    1. Pen or Pencil
    2. 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder with many sheets of college ruled lined paper
    3. Current Materials (Books, Essays, handouts etc...)
    4. Homework completed at home or outside of class time
    If you are allowed to leave class to retrieve any of these items, you will be given a Tardy for the period. 


    Each homework assignment, writing sample, quiz, test, and project is given a specific number of points. Your grade is calculated by dividing the total points you have earned by the total points possible. Typically, I will assign 1500 points worth of work per quarter.

    Frequent reading quizzes are a staple in this class.  It is expected of each student to complete assigned reading on time. 
    Students are allowed to turn in late assignments within 5 school days from the due date in Infinite Campus for up to 80% credit.
    When assigning point values to assignments, I will try to follow this guideline, however, I reserve the right to assign values as I see appropriate. 
    Vocabulary Quiz
    30 points per week  
    Weekly Vocabulary Worksheet
    5 points per week
    • <10 wrong = 5 points
    • 11-15 wrong = 4 points
    • >16 wrong = 3 points
    • zero effort = 0 points




    I assign 3 IXL assignments a week.

    All assignements are due by Sunday.


    SMART Score

     Points per day



    90 min in one skill

    10 points


    8 points


    6 points

    Daily Writing


    Weekly Writing Standard Grading Rubric


    • Contains at least one weekly vocabulary word used correctly
    • Has less than 3 grammatical errors, including comma use
    • Elaborates and explains details in an intelligent and thought provoking manner
    • Author creates a unique voice through the use of tone and mood


    • Does not contain at least one weekly vocabulary word used correctly
    • Has less than 6 grammatical errors, including comma use
    • Does not capitalize proper nouns or pronouns
    • Details lack elaboration or explanation
    • Author begins to create a unique voice through the use of tone and mood but the voice remains ambiguous or vague


    • Has less than 10 grammatical errors, including comma use
    • Very few details and is written below grade level expectations
    • No unique voice specific to the writer


    • Has more than 10 grammatical errors, including comma use
    • No evidence of critical thought
    • No evidence of voice

     Reading Notes or Responses


    10 to 50 points per assignment

     Unit Tests


    200-300 points per test 

     Reading Quizzes


    10 to 20 points per quiz



    100 to 200 points per paper