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    Avery Sindelar

    Red Lodge High School 



    The Mathematical Practices


    Intermediate Algebra

    Intermediate Algebra is for students who need a bridge course prior to Algebra II following the completion of Geometry. This course reviews the foundational Algebra skills and concepts necessary for success in Algebra II. It will also help develop concepts for career readiness. Topics in the class are, but not limited to, functions, fractions (literal and non-literal), compound fractions, logarithms, factoring, solving equations, guadratics, radicals, elementary statistics, probability, finances, graphing, and number systems. Students who with to take this course must be recommended by the high school math faculty and have approval of the high school counselor. 


    Algebra II

    Algebra II is designed to build and expand on the topics from Algebra I and Geometry. This course will continue to develop skills in systems of equations and quadratic functions and explore new concepts including polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, rational, and radical functions. Throughout the class we will be utilizing various graphing utilities including graphing calculators and other graphing applications. The contents of this course are important for students to be successful on the ACT and college mathematics entrance exams as well as in Pre-Calculus and beyond. Additionally, Algebra II will continue to develop general problems solving skills that focus on logical thinking and reasoning. 


    Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus is designed to follow Algebra II and Geometry. We will study more advanced concepts of Algebra including polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, taking what was learned in Algebra II and deepening our understanding of the subjects. We will also explore key concepts of trigonometry including: right-triangle trigonometry, angles of rotation, radian measure, arc length and areas, trig functions and their inverses, trig identities, and the Law of Sines and Cosines. During this class, we will be relying heavily on graphing calculators and other graphing applications. 



    Advanced Calculus (Year-Long)