• Chemistry



    Course Syllabus


    Instructor: Kate Belinda

    Location: Fossil Room # 209


    Course Prerequisites:

    Algebra II/Trigonometry. Must have passed or be taking concurrently.

    Physical Science


    Equipment Required:

    Scientific Calculator with Trigonometric functions

    Text:  Introductory Chemistry A Foundation, Zumdahl 8th ed. (Provided) Book Cover Recommended ebook

    Lab Notebook (can purchase from the school)

    Composition Notebook

    Red Marking Pen


    Grading Policy:

    Quarter grades will be determined as follows:

            15%- Class Participation, journal entries and homework

             35%- Labs

             50% will be based on tests, and self-assessments.


    Late Work:

    Late homework assignments will not be accepted


    Late lab reports or presentations will decrease by half by each day.  Will not

    be accepted after one week after due date.



    Chapter 1 Introduction and the Scientific Method

    Chapter 2 Measurements and Calculations

    Chapter 3 Matter and Energy

    Chapter 4 Elements, Atoms, and Ions

    Chapter 5 Nomenclature

    Chapter 6 Chemical Reactions

    Chapter 7 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

    Chapter 8 Chemical Composition

    Chapter 9 Chemical Quantities

    Chapter 10 Modern Atomic Theory

    Chapter 11 Chemical Bonding

    Chapter 12 Gases

    Chapter 13 Liquids and Solids

    Chapter 14 Solutions

    Chapter 15 Acids and Bases

    Chapter 16 Equilibrium

    Chapter 17 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

    Chapter 18 Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy