• Astronomy

    Year Long 2018-2019

    Course Syllabus

    Mr. Nell


    Location: Mr. Anderson's Room  5rd Period


    Course Prerequisites:



    Equipment Required:

    Scientific Calculator with Trigonometric functions



    Grading Schedule:

    Each assignment will be worth a fixed number of points. Assignments will include home work, participation, Exams, quizzes and Projects.



    Unit 1: Astronomy and the Universe

    Unit 2: Knowing the Heavens

    Unit 3: Eclipses and the Moon

    Unit 4: Gravitation and Planets

    Unit 5: Nature of Light

    Unit 6: Optics and Telescopes

    Unit 7: Origins of Solar System

    Unit 8: Earth

    Unit 9: Mercury, Venus, and Mars

    Unit 10: Jupiter and Saturn

    Unit 11: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and beyond

    Unit 12: Our Sun

    Unit 13: Evolution of Stars

    Unit 14: Galaxies and Cosmology

    Unit 15: The search for Extraterrestrial Life