• This week our focus will be science and social studies.  Language arts will integrated in the lessons.

    Science Continue and finish Unit 1 Engineering and Design Process

                 Vocabulary: design process, engineer, solution, strength, weakness

    Social Studies-Unit 1 Our Community:

                Lesson 1- What is a community? Vocabulary: neighbors, museum, transportation and law

                Lesson 2- From City to Country? Vocabulary: urban area, suburb, rural area

    Math Continue with chapter 2 Numbers to 1,000

    Spelling A mixture of short vowel words and long vowel words CVC-silent e at the end or "magic e"

    Writing Using words from a questions to write a complete answer.

                 Identify the main idea and details in a story.

                 Opinion Paragragh using first, next, then, and last.

    Grammar Nouns. Identify sentence fragments.  

                    Kinds of sentences-statement, command, question, exclamation

    Lessons plans are subject to change.