• Sports Nutrition Tips 

    Prepared by:
    Theresa Picasso Edwards, RD, LN
    Beartooth Billings Clinic
    (406) 446-0664 
    This is a great source of information: Nutrition Tips 

    Recommended Advice for Your Athletes and You

    1. Come to practice hydrated (sip on water throughout the day)
    2. Eat breakfast and at least three meals every day
    3. Reduce foods that are empty in nutrients (ie soda, candy, etc...) and promote fresh, whole foods 
    4. Encourage fruits and veggies every day
    5. Suggest your athletes eat a carb and protein containing snack within 30 minutes after a workout/practice/game
    6. Inform your coach what supplements you are taking and why
    7. As coaches and parents model the eating and drinking habits we are requesting of our athletes

    Absolutely no Soda of any KIND during the season!